Juliette Brindak, OMG Teen Books

Juliette Brindak, OMG Teen Books

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My name is Juliette Brindak and I would like to introduce this first book in the OMG Teen Book Series: “OMG I’m A Teen. Now What? – A Survival Guide For Female Teens.” I was first introduced to the author of this book, Greg Noland through my work on the British TV show Million Dollar Intern. Greg knew about my work helping tweens through my own website, Miss O & Friends® (www.MissO.com) and approached me to work on this book together.


Middle school was tough times. I call it tough times because middle school sucks. Girls go through a lot during in these years. That awkward phase kicks in. Boys come into the picture. Cliques begin to form. School becomes more serious. Bullying increases. Girls start to struggle with self-esteem & the pressure to fit in. It doesn’t matter if a girl is the most popular girl in school or the best athlete or a band geek or a straight-A student or a punk. No matter who she is doesn’t make her any more, or less, vulnerable to feeling insecure. Inspired by my sister Olivia (the real Miss O) and her friends, Miss O & Friends® was started to create a safe place online for girls to just be girls. As we aim to help build self-esteem while still being fun, entertaining, and helpful destination for tween & teen girls, our goal is help girls get through this tough period of their lives a little happier, more secure and empowered. Greg’s OMG Teen Book Series is the perfect complement to my own work and with the female perspective from his wife Cristina, it’s perfect for tween & teen girls who are looking for more answers.


Obviously I was a teen with lots of issues and troubles to face just like you. Luckily I had a very supportive family to help guide me through all those troublesome teenage years. And now as a successful entrepreneur I know the importance of having the right knowledge at your fingertips. Through my work with Miss O & Friends®, and talking with so many tweens & teens, I know so many girls just don’t have the vital information and support I was lucky to have.


I am so happy that Greg has worked so hard to put this book together and is so passionate about helping so many people as possible through his whole OMG Teen Book Series to help shed light on those questions teens are desperately seeking answers too!


I know how teen girls can face all sorts of issues like struggling with self-esteem, spells of depression, trouble with self-confidence, this book will help keep you going when you hit those brick walls, and propel to your real self.


“Take success and failures as they come, since things often change at a moment’s notice.”



Star of BBC’s Million Dollar Intern & CEO & Co-Founder of ‘Miss O & Friends’

OMG-Survival-guide-for-female-teensGet your copy of OMG I’m a Teen! Now What?: A Survival Guide for Teenage Girls CLICK HERE



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