The OMG Teen Book Series will provide you the tools to live a much fuller and more rewarding life.

These books represents nearly 20 years of hard work, experiences and the efforts of our network of friends, family, and colleagues and of course our incredible customers who we owe so much for believing in us. Maybe you’re one of them!

How did this first book and the ‘OMG Teen Book Series’ get started? You might be wondering… what gives me the authority to write these books?  Well, in fact the credit for the initial start for this book goes to my best friend’s daughter, Annabelle. As all teens realise, being a teen can be really tough. During a particular difficult period for Annabelle, it seemed like she was coming to me every few days for advice.

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Don’t get me wrong, I loved that she trusted my advice and that I could help her. But I thought I could possibly help her more by guiding her to a book or two targeted at helping teens improve the quality of their lives. After searching the local book stores, libraries and then online, I could not find anything suitable at all. Suddenly, I remembered something Jack Canfield, the author of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ once told me, and that was if you can’t find the book, then you are destined to write it.

You might also be thinking it is strange for a guy to be writing a survival guide for teenage girls. Well, I had always intended writing some books, though not specifically on this subject area. I didn’t really feel I had the complete authority to write a book aimed at female teenagers.

Consequently, I set about interviewing as many females in my family and network as I could, and the immense support I received from them gave me the confidence to get to writing.  So a huge thank you to all female members of my family, friends and network. You all rock! But obviously I could not write any of these books without the help of my lovely wife.

I would like to give an extra special thank you to Juliette Brindak for agreeing to work with me on this book. As a very successful entrepreneur, I understand how super busy Juliette is every day. So taking the time out to contribute to this book, and give her unique knowledge of helping teenagers has been supremely valuable. Thank you Juliette.

Please check out her Miss O & Friends® website at

And obviously a huge thanks needs to be reserved for my lovely wife Cristina who helped me with all the specific female areas of this book. You did an amazing job. The fantastic thing is that so many adult females who read the launch version of this book have said they learned so much from the natural beauty and make up tips in Chapter 4 so that’s double fantastic. So I’m super stoked teens as well as adult can benefit from this book.

Life Is About Learning Through Access To Information

Hey! Welcome to the wonderful time of being a teen.  You have entered a time in your life that is exciting and scary at the same time. New things start happening to your body, new things that are changing your life, new adventures to discover, and often a lot of new responsibilities. This is definitely an exciting but scary time for you.

Chances are that you have questions that you want to ask and things that you need to know about.  This is why we have created this book; to help you understand and have your questions answered. We are going to cover things like hygiene, your period, makeup, responsibilities, and many other things that are going to give you the best chances to be successful during your teen years. We are also going to give you some advice on school and hopefully answer some of the questions that you have wanted to ask but have been afraid to up to now.

I understand there are some people who like to make their own mistakes in life and prefer to ignore the advice from others. Perhaps then, this book might not be for those of you who are of this mannerism.

But there is a large number of people who would rather listen, learn and push ahead with their lives using any rich knowledge they can find to increase their chances of success, improve the quality of their lives and decrease states of pain, sadness, mistakes and regrets. If you think you are in this group of successful go-getters, then this book is definitely for you.

I am delighted the exceptional entrepreneur Juliette Brindak, Star of BBC’s Million Dollar Intern & CEO & Co-Founder of ‘Miss O & Friends’ has agreed to work with us on this book. Please read her foreword in this book for more information.

Once again, thank you to my wonderful wife Cristina, for helping me with all the specific female areas of this first book.

Dedicated to your happy and successful life,

Greg Noland

Founder and CEO – The OMG Teen Book Series


Get your copy of OMG I’m a Teen! Now What?: A Survival Guide for Teenage Girls CLICK HERE


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